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@abc1818 10 months ago

#feedback. 1. NavBar in mobile is too big, I know you'll be working on but I want to suggest add all options on a user profile page and let NavBar only hold your logo. 2. Don't add cards with shadows for tweets that's old and looks immature. Let the container take full width of users phone and left align the tweet inside it. And don't add shadows. 3. Decrease the font size on mobile devices it'll look good. 4. Instead of using too many colors just pick one and use it for most of the buttons. 5. Use icons instead of buttons, they'll save space, make your tweets look good and modern 7. Make the box for creating a new tweet bigger or create a new page. This website is awesome and I like this initiative. Keep up the good work. If you think those points are good you can work on them. All the best